About the Creators

The Gooli Collection is a group of wonderful misfit creatures that work together for the better 

Gooli Bags
The Gooli Bags are the worlds first Monster Bags , that not only look cool but are different characters with unique personalities 
each bag is different in Size to fit your needs 
sometimes you need a big bag to fit all your goods , while other times you might just wanna go out with your cellphone and wallet - our Gooli Bags provide you with the ability to do so 

The Gooli Collection Capsule Toys! 
Finally Everyone can afford to own a unique art toy! Based on the drawings and sculptures of Dr. Krinkles and Emi Boz
you can finally have your very own mini art/toy collection
each Gooli Character comes in various styles (up to 7 different colors!) 
Collect them all , trade with friends and share the passion of the GOOLI COLLECTION! 

Gooli Personal Checks! 
Yes you can order your very own personal checks with the Gooli Collection on them 

And more on the way! Yes There will be more things to come Gooli style
keep your eyes peeled to see what will launch next! 

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